Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't you a web developer? Is this a real store?

Yes. Though, it is intended as a portfolio project, it is a functioning store.

What are the shipping options?

None. If you buy anything, it will not charge and I will not ship.

Why are the clothes so wrinkled? That's not very professional.

I did not take the time to steam the clothes as I only needed them for inventory templates.

Are these clothes clean?

They were when I boxed them up. I'll wash them before shipping.

Will an item restock?


Is my card information secure?

Yes. On my production site I utilize Stripe to manage the checkout process. I never see, nor have access to, your personal card information.

I am local. Can we meet in person?


How can I request additional sizes?

You can't.

What is your return policy?

Can't return something you never get.

What about cancellations?

If you purchase from the production site, I will take into consideration the need to cancel and will proceed accordingly.

How long is shipping?

As long as it takes.

Can you list my items?

No. I can, however, build you a website and allow you to sell your own. I am not in the business of reselling. Check out my main website, where you can contact me to build you a custom website of your own!

Are prices negotiable?


I have a suggestion. How can I get in touch with you?

Go to I have contact information there.

Do you offer bundle discounts?

Not at this time. I was working on it but decided to table it for later.