About This Website

The Website

No, this is not a functional store. The inventory is made up of real clothes I own, but the payment system will not charge you. It is all a test environment to allow you to explore the website without the fear of making a crappy purchase.

The Project

I am a web developer. This website is a second rebuild of a project I created a few while back. This build uses Next 13 and Tailwind. For those who have viewed by portfolio and GitHub, you will notice I initially created this same shop using vanilla React. Since then, I have learned a lot more and wanted to update the site with a more modern feel and added functionality. It is built using Next JS, Material UI, Commerce JS and Stripe along with a host of dependencies.

The Inventory

Where did all these clothes and items come from, you ask? In my college days, between 2006-2012, I worked in a clothing store. As such, I had access to all the latest fashion at a discount. As you may remember, the 2000s was a crazy time for urban wear. We liked our clothes with extra breathing room! Most of these items are extremely lightly worn. Because they have always been in such good condition, I have been reluctant to throw them away. I have always intended to sell them at the flea market, but I have no desire to wheel & deal, haggle and negotiate.